Fighting injustice: Pakistani donkeys come together to form union

A historic vote by donkeys nationwide on Friday has led to the formation of the Dhobi ka Gadha Union Pakistan (DGU-P).

Dhobis took to the streets in protest as the vote passed and the police had to set up a barricade at Teen Talwar, Karachi. On one side, an emergency all-party dhobi conference was being held and on the other a huge mob of celebrating donkeys jammed the streets.

“It was pretty tense there for a while but our officers have been specially trained for these situations,” said sub-inspector Rao Khusdaar.

Asif Masroor, vice-president Sindh Dhobi Association called the donkeys’ union absurd, saying dhobis will not give in to threats and warned the government against intervening.

“This is a domestic issue and we will solve it there,” he said.

The donkeys, however, remain defiant. In a written statement to the media, DGU-P president Chupa Rustom presented the demands of the unionized donkeys.

DGU-P president Chupa Rustom has confirmed the donkeys will not back down unless all their demands are accepted. 

“Despite being one of the founding members of this country, donkeys have yet to receive the respect they deserve. Our demands are simple: a reserve seat for donkeys on every city council; a government-mandated two-day weekend for all donkeys; and the right to file an FIR against abusive owners. If these demands are not met in three days, we will call for a paiya-jaam hartaal and march on Islamabad,” the statement read.

The government has so far refused to comment but as the donkeys’ deadline approaches, tensions simmer on Pakistan’s roads.

Sana Mudeer is a former award-winning journalist who burned out early and now has to write for the Daily Fikar. Forced to return all her awards, she can now be found sulking around the office brooding over what could have been.

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