Defending the chappal: Controversial shoot part of Mother’s Day campaign

A recent chappal photo-shoot has come under fire for its misogynist overtones, but supporters now say it was part of a Mother’s Day ad campaign.

Fashion photographer Bae Zameer of Pakistan Fashion Tehreek said the shoot has been completely taken out of context.

“People are taking this completely the wrong way. The theme of the chappal shoot was ‘Maa Ki Khidmat’,” Zameer said. “If you look closely, the model on the floor is actually massaging a female leg. That’s supposed to represent her ammi’s foot in our new Maa Ki Khidmat chappal line.”

When asked why the woman was massaging a foot with the chappal still on, Zameer said that was to show the different ways the chappal could be used.

“The Maa Ki Khidmat chappal is good for walking, massaging and light beating. An ideal gift for Pakistani mothers and the shoot shows all these features in just a few pictures,” he said.

Other varieties in the Maa Ki Khidmat Chappal line.

Asked if the images could be taken the wrong such as a symbol of violence against women, Zameer got visibly upset.

“That is the close-minded nature of our society. Demeaning a mother-daughter relationship for a few likes and shares. Shame on you.”

The Maa Ki Khidmat chappal is now available across Pakistan with a 50% discount for those who recreate the infamous pose and post it online with #MaaKiKhidmat and #PariChappal.

Sana Mudeer is a former award-winning journalist who burned out early and now has to write for the Daily Fikar. Forced to return all her awards, she can now be found sulking around the office brooding over what could have been.

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