IMF to Pakistan: Public urination tax will stabilize rupee-dollar rate

The IMF and World Bank have asked Pakistan to introduce a new public urination tax to stabilize the economy.

“We are confident this tax will help stabilize the rupee-dollar rate and lift the country of debt,” said IMF chief Bob Hope.

Zaheen Lota, an outdoor urination activist was outraged by the demand.

“Awaam ka pishaab bhi nai chora. Is mein se bhi le lo,” Lota said. “Nai chalay gi nai chalay gi—pishaab khori nai chalay gi [sic].”

Lota anger’s aside, several newspaper columnists have been asking where the people are supposed to go when there are so few public washrooms. Some said it’s not a urination tax but a ‘public ruination’ tax.

But Bob Hope responded by asking Pakistanis to look at outdoor urination as a public service.

“It’s a simple chain reaction,” he said. “You piss wherever you want, no restrictions, which is easy for you. You pay a small tax on it, which is good for the economy. Everyone wins.”

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