Rs. 5000 wedding: The ultimate budget shaadi experience is here

A shaadi for just Rs. 5000? It sounds impossible, it sounds absurd, but it’s here. A revolutionary new start-up claims to have solved the most out-of-control problem facing Pakistanis today: expensive weddings.

Since it was launched last month, Sastay Dil Studios has given new meaning to ‘budget weddings’. But how does it even work?

The magic happens in a small studio in Clifton, Karachi. The bride and groom start with renting wedding costumes from the Sastay Dil catalogue for a small fee. The groom’s sherwani is shalwar-optional since the camera is positioned above the torso.

Once ready, the bride and groom, their parents and siblings are all seated on a small stage in front of a video camera which is streaming live to Facebook and YouTube. All other relatives, friends and guests are asked to attend via tuning in to the live stream. The video stream is free but commercial breaks are taken every 10 minutes.

An in-house complementary maulvi sahab is available to perform the Nikkah. But what about the traditional choaray post-Nikkah? Sastay Dil provides a solution: the bride’s father can send a Rs. 15 easyload to all the guests watching live. At the same time, a Western Union wire number flashes on the screen so the guests can also send in their love to the new couple.

What’s a desi wedding without the food? Included in the Sastay Dil package are five studio extras who walk on- and off-screen eating from plates full of biryani, mutton qorma, seekh kabab, raita and naan. The actors will enjoy their meals so much that the guests watching will have no doubt that no expense has been spared on food.

The whole event takes just about an hour and the studio runs up to seven weddings a day. Founder Jibran Makhlooq told Daily Fikar that Sastay Dil is already a roaring success. The studio has managed 72 weddings so far and is booked straight for the next three months.

“We started off in Karachi, but at this rate we’ll be expanding to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta very soon,” Makhlooq said. “We are getting so much love from the families that it’s just humbling.”

A final Sastay Dil invoice looks like this:

  • Guest Easyload: Rs. 3000 (Rs. 15 for 200 guests watching live)
  • Extras with food: Rs. 1000
  • Studio Rental: Rs. 500
  • Costume Rental: Rs. 500 (Rs. 450 without groom’s shalwar)

Total: Rs. 5000

So what are you still waiting for? Book your wedding with Sastay Dil today and save hundreds of thousands of rupees on all the things you can do without.

Sastay Dil for Sasti Shaadi.

Sana Mudeer is a former award-winning journalist who burned out early and now has to write for the Daily Fikar. Forced to return all her awards, she can now be found sulking around the office brooding over what could have been.

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