New traffic law: Fines, jail time for drivers using indicators

Starting in 2019, traffic police across Pakistan will be authorized to stop, fine and jail drivers using indicators for turning or changing lanes.

The reason being given for the new law is that flashing the indicator causes more accidents than not using it at all. The cars behind the indicating driver speed up to prevent him or her from changing lanes and this has been the lead cause of car accidents across the country.

“You don’t need indicators in Pakistan. If you want to turn, you turn. Just do it. Nobody needs to know your plans for the day.”

Minister for Traffic Tahir Khufiajaal

At a big press conference covered by local and international media, Minister for Traffic Tahir Khufiajaal said this is an example of the government’s forward thinking in the new year.

“In other countries when people see a car’s indicator, they make room for it to turn or merge. Our people don’t think like that. They take an indicator as a personal insult and get upset,” Khufiajaal said. “So we’ve decided to ban indicators.”

Khufiajaal has instructed all local car manufacturers to remove indicators from cars in production with licenses being revoked for those who don’t comply. Owners of imported cars will have to cover their indicators with black tint tape so no accidents are caused if anyone sees their indicator light turn on by accident.

Large fines and jail time for those who continue using their indicators.

Several foreign reporters at the press conference asked Khufiajaal how people should signal if they want to turn or change lanes without indicators.

“You don’t need indicators in Pakistan. If you want to turn, you turn. Just do it,” he said. “Nobody needs to know your plans for the day.”

Khufiajaal went on to add that any driver seen giving indicators the first time will be fined at least Rs. 2,500 and have their car towed at personal expense. Repeat offenders might be jailed for up to 15 days, fined Rs.10,000 and their car scrapped, also at personal expense.

Shahi Mureed is a staff reporter for the Daily Fikar. On a slow news day, he tends to make up stories at his desk. Mureed considers himself Pakistan’s reply to Dan Brown and is working on his first thriller titled ‘Almaari ki Chaabi’.

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