After fixing America, Trump now promises to Make Pakistan Great Again

NEWS BRIEF—After listing every mistake Pakistan has ever made since 1947, US President Donald Trump has called the country a friend and promised to make it great again.

Hot off the successes of his own tenure as president, where his main achievement remains getting his entire family into government, Trump believes he’s just the right person to help Pakistan.

But experts observing Trump’s relationship with Pakistan have warned about the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

“Like an abusive boyfriend, President Trump threatens by ending US aid one day, and tries to kiss and make up by saying mildly sweet things the next,” said child psychologist Shamina Amina. “Pakistan should keep its eyes and ears fully open.”

Shahi Mureed is a staff reporter for the Daily Fikar. On a slow news day, he tends to make up stories at his desk. Mureed considers himself Pakistan’s reply to Dan Brown and is working on his first thriller titled ‘Almaari ki Chaabi’.

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