Insta Nani: The grandma of our times

Today for your daily dose of fikar, I have a juicy story absolutely slathered in drama, stereotypes, gossip and bashing said stereotypes with effortless grace.

With modernization at its peak, it’s no surprise it has managed to enfold not only the angsty, hormonal youths but the less hormonal, yet angsty elderly of our community as well! The Nani(s) and Dadi(s) of our generation are to be marvelled. For starters they haven’t your typical faces slathered in talcum powder, eyes hooded with surma stains like estranged pandas, giving sharmeelay poses in sepia-tinted photographs with itchy, karhai waley suits and gotay waley dupattey.

No, God forbid a flimsy piece of cloth hid their delicately streaked hair or they be seen without a brand label on their lively, printed kurtis. By God, they even beat the youngsters with their immaculate OOTD Instagram posts and clean, lipsticked lips.

These women are not particularly inclined to make you karak kahwah with palmsful of daar cheeni that makes your mouth feel as if you just made out with a tree. Nor are they the ones to say “Bismillah!” instinctively if someone stumbles, for of course their 21st century honed instincts immediately rely on a high-pitched “ohmygodareyouarright” if someone does fall.

Of course they may not have many totkas safely knotted in the corners of their dupattas (nor do they have many dupattas), but they do preach the benefits of organic food and veganism mostly through spamming you with infomercials and videos on WhatsApp.

Though we may miss the soft spoken tales, woven precariously with nostalgia and love that dripped down our purani Nani’s lips, we do not particularly dislike indulging in the gossip with her modern avatar about Salma who has been suspiciously spending a lot of time outdoors after her hubby leaves for work.

Anyway. No matter the era, we always love them so kudos to these new, revolutionary grandmas!

Sarah Saleem is a fried potato who potates most of the time but eventually takes out some time to write about the tyrannies of this world before dozing off to dream about potatoes again.  Find Sarah on Instagram (@sarahh.saleem).

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