Expo set to host first-ever Maa Da Ladla Conference

The first-ever Maa Da Ladla Conference is set to run from Feb. 7 to Feb 14 at the Karachi Expo centre in the new year.

The conference is being put together mostly by mothers who feel short changed when out rishta shopping for their sweet boys, according to Nasreen Jameela Begum, mother of three sweet boys between 29 and 37, and one of the event’s organizers.

Begum is particularly upset by several girls who’ve said no to her eldest son Yasir.

“So what if he has been divorced twice before? Yasu is a heera. I’d know, he’s my son. He only wants a 21 year-old with a mole on her right cheek.”

A number of mothers have also come together after recently being arrested and banned from campuses of various medical, dental and business colleges for rishta soliciting.

Zareena Bano was arrested from DOW Medical College earlier this year after over 45 female students complained against her for leering and repeatedly asking for their parents’ contact information.

“Is it not the duty of a mother to find the best possible bride for her son? Have I committed a sin? I know what I want and I’m not afraid to ask for it,” Bano said.

When asked about her son Dilbar, Bano said he is 29 years old and tries his best at whatever he does. Currently in the seventh year of his undergrad in England, he refuses to marry anyone but a doctor.

The event will also see a tech startup present its first live demonstration of their app ‘Bahu Swipe’ to the attending mothers. Bahu Swipe is being touted as Tinder for rishta searching and several mothers we interviewed were very excited about the concept. For girls they potentially like, the mothers can swipe right to set up a formal interview or simply swipe left on the others they’re not interested in.

Meena Chungi, another organizer, said the app will bring down the number of visits larka moms like her have to make by 60 per cent.

“Dekhiye ji, I’m a straight-forward woman. All I need is are a few details of the girl and a few good pictures from all the right angles,” Chungi said. “With Bahu Swipe I can cut down on the 342 home visits I’ve made just in the last two months, where honestly I’ve gained four kg eating all those shami kababs.”

Anticipation continues to grow for the 2019 Maa Da Ladla Conference and tickets have almost sold out. Over 2,300 mothers are expected to attend the first-ever edition of the event. Stay tuned as the Daily Fikar continues to bring you more coverage of the conference.

Sana Mudeer is a former award-winning journalist who burned out early and now has to write for the Daily Fikar. Forced to return all her awards, she can now be found sulking around the office brooding over what could have been.

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