Protesting taxes: Hubul Watan Maaldar Society stages sit-in outside press club

Fifty members of the Hubul Watan Maaldar Society held a sit-in outside the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday to protest rising tax collection across the country.

According to Khalid Sherzada Luqman, society president, tax collection is an unfair burden on the country’s well to-do.

“My children go to private school. My ami goes to Aga Khan. So why should I pay for sarkari school and Jinnah Hospital?”

The anger is reflected across different sections of Pakistani society. Naeem Zahen Gul, a Lahore-based criminal defence barrister, pointed out that all the good work he and his colleagues do by taking money away from criminals is being undone by tax collection.

“We charge these people high rates to get them off serious charges like murder, robbery and corruption. But what’s the point of our public service if the government will just take away our halal rozi? We might as well start defending the poor and the innocents.”

At the press club sit-in, Mr. Luqman agreed that his business would do even better if the country rose economically but refused to accept tax collection as a solution.

“I wanted to take Mrs. Luqman to Hawaii for our 27th wedding anniversary. But after paying this year’s taxes we’ll be lucky if we go to Chaman,” he said. “It’s just not fair.”

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