Rabri Shabri: An unexpected twist on a desi dessert

It has been a long standing dream of mine to refine the Pakistani dessert palette. And this week I’m lucky to see that dream being realized with the launch of Rabri Shabri. What is Rabri Shabri, you ask? Taking its place next to Burger Lab, Chai Wala and others, Rabri Shabri is the latest jewel on the Karachi contemporary food crown. I’m even tempted to say that it’s the crown jewel of the Karachi food scene. At Rabri Shabri, we bring a revolutionary new approach to the traditional rabri. While our full recipe is a closely guarded secret, I can say this much: it’s nothing like the rabri you’ve grown up eating. The Rabri Shabri rabri mashes the flavors of the famous Delhi Rabri House with the crispiness of Karachi Broast, the tang of limca, the bite of a plate of spicy Student Biryani, served with a hint of chilli garlic sauce.

So what are you still waiting for? Head on over to Rabri Shabri on Bukhari Commercial and treat your taste buds to a matka of delectable Rabri Shabri rabri. We guarantee it’s like nothing you’ve ever put in your mouth before.

  • Rashid Shabbir, Founder, CEO and President Rabri Shabri Ltd.


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