Baray ho kar: A slap that shook the nation

A slap heard all over Rawalpindi has ignited a national debate and divided families and friends alike.

The now-famous slap occurred on a casual Tuesday evening when guests were visiting the Akhtar family. The yet unnamed guest aunty, asked 11-year old Bilal Akhtar, “Beta baray ho kar kya bano gay?”

Without missing a beat, Bilal replied, “Quaid-e-Azam ka khuwab banon ga, Iqbal ka parinda banon ga, quam ka sartaj banon ga, lekin aap kahein tou doctor ya engineer banjaon?”

Slap. Jameela Akhtar did not hesitate in putting her insolent son in line and forced him to apologize. But when news of the incident reached out, it led to an indignant outcry led by the nation’s youth.

Yasin Zubair, president Pakistan Youth Hifazati Association, went on several news channels to defend young Bilal.

“Yahan log kuch ban kar baray nai hotay. Aur baray ho kar kuch nai bantay. Tou bachon se aesay sawal kyun?” Zubair asked.

On social media, several celebrities changed their profile pictures to Bilal holding his cheek right after he was slapped. Some parents also broke rank and came forward in support of Bilal. One such parent is Bilal’s father, Nauman Akhtar. He appealed that people should stop being so worried about the future career of every child and teenager they come across.

“Bacha insan banjaye bari baat hai, aur kya chaiye?”

Amir Khabri is a staff reporter at the Daily Fikar. Brimming with more enthusiasm than talent, he strives to inform readers of the news that really matters. In his spare time he reads book covers and takes pictures of his neighbour’s dog. You can’t follow Amir anywhere because he detests social media.

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