New game plan: Pakistan to play all bowlers and no batsmen in 2019

A new team for 2019. In a radical step to change their fortunes in the new year, Pakistan cricket administrators have come up with a new plan: drop all batsmen and play 11 bowlers in every game.

“Every year it’s the same thing. The batsmen score no more than the tailenders, so what’s the point? We have a strong bowling unit and we will have a better chance to win if we play 11 bowlers and no batsmen,” said Khushbakht Jan, assistant team manager.

With the World Cup only months away, Jan said the new strategy will throw other teams off because no one has tried it before. Even the keeper will be a specialist bowler.

Several former cricketers have come out in favour of the new strategy.

“Credit to the management, what a beauty! This is exactly the type of thinking we need right now: hard and strong,” said former player Kameez Khawaja.

Meanwhile the ousted players are upset at their removal as the new strategy means no batsman will be on a central contract.

“I am a team player. I bat aggressively so the team can go back, rest and plan for the next match. If that means I get out early, how is it my fault?” asked a current team player, who spoke to us anonymously in fear of a show-cause notice by the management.

But according to assistant manager Jan, the new plan will help the team save even more time since there won’t be a batting order anymore.

“It’s all bowlers so anyone who is padded up and wants to go, can go out and bat. It doesn’t matter who, it’s all the same. We used to spend so much time on who goes in at what number, but that’s all in the past now. This is a new team.”

Shauqeen Butt is the Daily Fikar’s sports correspondent. After failing at every sport he ever played, Shauqeen turned to writing about it. He tells us his knowledge of any sport he ever writes about is unparalleled. So if he reports it, you can trust it.

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